WordPlay T. Jay is a Hip-Hop artist and producer from Little Rock, AR. His rise began with a feature on MTV’s RapFix Live and that turned into making Music for the Underdog. T. Jay wants to inspire his listeners to get out of their heads and make the most of their gifts. He mixes a wide range of production with motivating lyrics to share his story. Currently, he is releasing music in a series called Orientation Day. The goal is to motivate the underdogs to make changes in their lives.
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Angelia M. Johnson is an inspirational, recording artist and Motivational Speaker. Her newest project Conservatively Eclectic is a reflection of her life and personality. A mix of spiritual with a touch of eclecticism.
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Icarus Gray is a Hip-Hop artist raised on the south side of Little Rock, Arkansas. In the city, he felt trapped inside a labyrinth of trying to exist in a dungeon of hood politics and societal norms. With music, he was able to grow his wings and escape the maze. Icarus Gray uses lyricism to motivate others to be themselves in spite of the pressures to conform.
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