12 Years On The Map



Meeting Russell Simmons changed the trajectory forever. In a dark pizza pub, inspiration punched me in the gut. You know the feeling when the tears well up but never fall? That’s what it’s like to see your future so vividly. 12 years later and the emotion has not faded.

No one knows what I truly think about when I take the actions I do. I barely realize what compels me most of the time. The action is inspired. The action is automatic. The action is immortal. Ultimately, the challenge is larger than the physical me.
It started with a song called, “The South”. Hearing my creation win a radio competition amped me up. What I have learned this week, is that none of our successes have been purposeful. Since that night with the radio on at Sonic Drive-In on Broadway I have been on autopilot.

My gut actions led me forward. 5 years in and I submitted a music video to Sway and his team. “Breakfast & Biggie” taught me how to embrace death and create success. I sat in front of a record label A&R and heard what I needed to keep this business independent. My instinct put me on a bus to New York City. That same instinct said I should leave.

I followed it to Austin, TX where I met Big Boi and his road manager, Angelo. It told me that Atlanta wouldn’t work out either. That’s when I went back home and hit the reset button. I changed my brand name to WordPlay T. Jay and created 72701 Stories. This is when I created the system that keeps money coming into the business. I learned music publishing, changed my production style, and realized that there is no quick route.

Then for 3 years, I took ownership of my failures. I perfected a system that would keep the business running even past my departure from this Earth. Now all I must do is create. It’s exactly what I wanted. Now I have it. That only took 12 years of following my gut.

I remember that my mother told me to stop proving things to people who don’t give two shits about my path. That’s the strongest tug on me right now. That is because right now a lot of people want me to have a “backup plan”. They don’t trust their faith. Their doubts will never be my doubts.

After a dozen years, I finally get it. Realism has no place here. I didn’t get here by using my physical senses. I got here by moving out of my own head and acting on that quiet voice. The same meditation that caused “Breakfast & Biggie”, “Bubble”, or “Too Many Chains” is what I use to be my compass. Realist be damned.

I no longer need evidence to see my route, and the next 50 years will be the most magical. I see it just like the day I met Russell. There is no backup plan. Only the plan.


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